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Our Services

As an independent Corporate Finance firm who understands your industry and its very specific dynamics, we engage with SMEs in High Tech and Business Services. In all phases of a transaction we will take away the hassle of a corporate transaction and lead it to a successful end for you.

This starts with a proper qualification of your options. After that, we will propose what is the best way forward for both of us. And this might even mean that we pull out of the opportunity or we recommend to do nothing since the planned transaction doesn’t make sense.

We follow a fairly standardised process for company sales, private placements, and cross-border acquisitions. That’s the boring part. The real fun starts when we actually work together as a team with you being an integral member. You will then realise how pragmatic, yet structured and theoretically sound, and fast you will get results.

You just feed us with as much information as necessary and as little as possible so that we get the job done. No long-winded analyses and days of meetings. By asking you the right questions, we will get straight to the point and build the right story for the market or define the exact strategic search criteria for an acquisition.

Punchy, with a good flow, and compelling.

If you are a German company and want to buy, we can help you with cross-border transactions in Western Europe, North America, and Latin America. We also help international companies who want to acquire businesses in Germany.

On the Sell side, we focus on managing the complete end-to-end process for German companies globally.

We accompany you through a trade sale, the search for growth financing, or an acquisition.

Here’s the overview of our 3 advisory packages:

Strategic Value Trade Sale

We help you sell your company to the buyer who really fits your needs by applying our unique Strategic Value Trade Sale (SVTS) method, a proven and robust approach to maximise company value, increase the probability of upside, and minimise risk without the hassle of sophisticated procedures that would only confuse you and the buyer.

This means for you that you will sell your company at the best value with the option of benefitting from future upside potential (eg via earnout models or IP licence agreements), and the lowest risk of post transaction risk that is possible.

Private Placements

We help you find growth capital from the right investors with the right amount at the best possible value for money with our Private Placement Process (PPP) approach for dedicated growth capital investments. This process can be specifically adapted to the current phase of your company development and/or the specific endeavour for which you need the investment. (We concentrate on equity financing only.)

This means for you that, based on an excellent story and a fair and independent view on your company’s assets, you will receive an optimum ratio between your company’s value and the respective participation as well as investors with the right value add.1

Cross-border Buy side

If you are planning an acquisition, we help you by finding the right targets with our Strategic Search & Close (SSC) method that is specifically designed for cross-border acquisitions in the Western hemisphere.

This means for you that you will buy companies with a sustainable business model that have the best strategic fit with your business at optimum value for money.