Your Challenges
Your next strategic step

Your Challenges

You have built a great business in High-Tech or Business Services and now it’s time to think about the next strategic step?

If you are thinking about a trade sale, you will certainly ask yourself what your business is really worth. How can you find the best suited and most solvent buyer? How can you sell at highest value? Will you be safe and secure after the deal is done? Is there potential for more value?

Probably, you will also ask yourself how you can best prepare your business for the sale.

One question might be: What needs to be done in terms of finance, accounting, processes, organisation, technology, people, contractual and administrative setups? How can your sales process be best adapted to the local business culture with its very specific challenges.

Or are you looking for growth capital? Is it too early to sell? Are you not planning to sell at all and maybe prepare the business for the next generation?

Are you wondering where and how to find the best investors and how to screen the candidates in order to use your time effectively? How do you negotiate for the best deal and what needs to be done in terms of communication with potential investors when time is of the essence?

Do you have the time at all, given your operational obligations?

If you are looking for an acquisition on the other hand, the following questions most probably will have crossed your mind: How do I make sure that we have the best match with the target company in terms of strategy, operations, and organisation culture? How do I contact potential targets? How do I make sure that I have a solid view on the real worth of the target? How do I manage the acquistion process?

Does one of these scenarios match your current situation? If yes, we might want to have a chat.

Blunaranja capital helps you to find answers to all these questions, and many more….

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